The HRMS is application for isolation impedance measurement situation, especially for measuring the impedance of printed circuit board, MLCC leakage test or dark leakage current for photo semiconductor.

HRMS has 8-channels in one set, each channel performed by 0-200 volts source output that controlled with 14bit DAC, also with a 16 bit 1 us measurement time or 24 bit 0.2 sec measurement time ADC to feedback the load current. To get the object resistance it calculated by V/I value that by measurement result.

Comparing with temperature chamber for most application it suitable for the reliability test of isolation parts or material. For example of printed circuit board, the characteristic of electro-migration between two conductor material happened after long term voltage stress under high humidity and high temperature. HRMS serve with the electro-migration detector by scanning the resistance change at real time.

HRMS is always link with PC through RS485 interface. We support measurement software as a standard operational task. The software dose functions as following:
  1. The test condition plan and configuration.
  2. Link with chamber to take temperature and humidity control.
  3. Collection the result data under started test to raw data that defined by user.
  4. Draw result data as a curve chart.

  There is 8 channels for each set, hold 0-200V Voltage source and measurement meter.
Reading time of channels:

<= 0.5sec

Voltage output range(CV):
AUTO RANGE, 14BIT DAC, +-0.1% +-2LSB
Range 1: +-0.002 ~ +-20.000V step 0.002V
Range 2: +-0.02 ~ +-200.00 V step 0.02V
Low Level current measurement:
AUTO RANGE, 16BIT DAC, +-0.02% +-2LSB
Range 1: +-0.005 ~ +-2.0000uA step 0.5nA
Range 1: +-0.05 ~ +-20.00uA step 0.005uA
Range 2: +-0.5 ~ +-200.00uA step 0.05uA
The voltage source is constant voltage mode for HI-Resistance measurement . It’s 14 bit resolution, auto-range selection , and work with 24bit resolution low-level current measurement DAM , it can measuring 10Giga OHM resistance.

  The software description
1. 即時資料或圖形(LOG/LINER TIMESCALE)顯示.
3. 實驗前可預先INSERTION OPEN/SHORT 測試以確定DUT安置良好
4. HISTORY FILE 記錄變動或異常狀態以便日後檢視
5. 異常中斷時可自先前狀態自動恢復執行, 恢復後資料連續不中斷
6. 長檔案分割儲存及連結功能. 自動備份保存
8. SYSTEM : RS232/RS485