Czechoslovakia can reach the limited liability company to be established July, 2001. Main product for measuring instrument development; For a new research and development design company。

This company pursues performance of stably the product durable, the outward appearance practical is artistic, and provides the customer high performance product. Has the newest research and development and the adjustment equipment guarantees standard of the quality. At present many item of products quite receive various big plants to accept the use. Predecessor of the establishment mainly composes and
the application for the software, after the company had been established unifies the software and the hardware officially inducts the electronic measuring instrument the development manufacture.

This company grasps the remarkable technical standards, provides the customer high performance product. At present has mainly for goes on the market the company customer group. The sales category is: Photoelectricity industry, semiconductor industry and electronic electrical machinery industry.

The forecast future Czechoslovakia's will be able to reach still can strengthen the innovation and the development, diligently promotes the quality, consummated the quality by the most specialized service attitude to guarantee, provided a higher quality service, and hoped for each advanced gave grants instruction with the opportunity at your service.